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Metal-Forming Operations
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  • Perforating
  • Punching
  • Shearing
  • Tube-Bending

Metal-Forming, Drawing and Stamping

International Chemical Company has been researching, developing and manufacturing metal-forming lubricants for drawing and stamping operations for over 100 years.  Our straight and soluble oils, non-chlorinated forming oils, as well as advanced-technology synthetic lubricants provide high film strength lubricity and cooling characteristics that are second to none, including our expertly-formulated high-speed stamping lubricants.  Lubricants for industrial applications need to be strong, reliable and consistent.  ICC’s metal-forming lubricants are engineered to be all those things...and more.

Synthetic Lubricants: Mineral oil-free metal-forming lubricants for industrial applications are gaining popularity among manufacturers. For more than thirty years, ICC has painstakingly researched and developed synthetic technology in an effort to provide equivalent or better metal-forming performance versus straight and soluble oils. ICC’s synthetic drawing and stamping lubricants are engineered with chemical components which are non-toxic, non-hazardous, highly stable, very economical and environmentally conscious, while providing exceptional detergency and exhibiting low-foaming characteristics.  For your metal fabrication needs, a synthetic metal-forming lubricant may be an often overlooked alternative for operations like deep drawing, high speed stamping, progressive die stamping and other metal-forming applications where conventional straight or soluble oils may have been historically utilized. Due to the diligence of ICC’s technical staff, our customers receive the ultimate in advanced synthetic, metal-forming lubricant technology.  It’s time to shift the paradigm. 

Straight Oils and Soluble Oils: Straight and soluble oils continue to provide great performance in a variety of industrial applications, so they have remained among the most popular metal-forming lubricants to this day. For decades, ICC has focused on incorporating highly innovative additive technology in our straight and soluble oils. That is why ICC's stamping and roll-forming lubricants and straight and soluble oils perform so exceptionally well, featuring unique emulsion packages, bio-resistant components, and cutting-edge extreme pressure (EP) additives. These straight and soluble oils run clean, provide superior film strength lubricity, and last longer than any other industrial lubricants available on the market today.

Non-Chlorinated Straight Oils and Soluble Oils: Some metal-forming operations require industrial lubricants that do not contain chemical components which may be toxic and harmful to the environment. With this in mind, ICC manufactures non-chlorinated drawing and stamping oils that provide exceptional high film strength lubricity and cooling characteristics that are similar to heavily chlorinated oils. ICC's non-chlorinated drawing and stamping oils are versatile and multi-metal compatible.

Vanishing Oils and Evaporative Lubricants: These lubricants are ideal for light- to medium-duty metal-forming operations, as their low-viscosity, highly refined mineral oils and safety solvents are safe for even the most sensitive of metals. ICC's vanishing oils and evaporative lubricants are perfect for metal-forming operations that require finished parts to be protected, yet unnoticeably so. Fabricated parts that are treated with these evaporative lubricants will benefit from excellent short-term rust protection from the thin, imperceptible film that is left behind.

Metal-Forming Pastes and Tube-Bending Gels: Now nearing its 80th birthday, ICC's most valued and experienced metal-forming paste is still going strong. These metal-forming pastes are formulated for the most severe metal-forming operations, as they are both highly compounded and extremely viscous.ICC's synthetic tube-bending gels are specially formulated to be chlorine-free, sulfur-free, and biodegradable. Featuring effective rust inhibitors, powerful extreme pressure (EP) additives, and select emulsifiers, our tube-bending gels and metal-forming pastes are ideal for even the most extreme industrial application.

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