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Drawing & Stamping Lubricants

Non-Chlorinated Straight Oils
  • Premium, Non-Chlorinated Base Oils
  • Outstanding High Film Strength Lubricity
  • Anti-Welding and Anti-Galling Properties
  • Compatible with Carbide Tooling
  • Effective Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Easily Removed with Aqueous Detergents
Non-Chlorinated Soluble Oils
  • Premium, Non-Chlorinated Base Oils
  • Powerful Extreme Pressure (EP) Additives
  • Select Emulsifiers for Lubricant Stability
  • Compatible with Carbide Tooling
  • In-Process Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Economical Alternative to Straight Oil

Non-Chlorinated Straight Oils and Soluble Oils

Non-Chlorinated Straight Oils and Soluble Oils: International Chemical Company manufactures non-chlorinated straight and soluble oils that are formulated to comply with modern health and safety regulations, reduce disposal costs, and prevent interference with subsequent operations. Non-chlorinated straight and soluble oils are compatible with nearly all metal-forming operations where conventional straight oil is used. Highly versatile and meticulously manufactured, non-chlorinated straight oils are compatible with all metals and provide exceptional high film strength lubricity even in severe and extreme metal-forming applications.

Featured Non-Chlorinated Straight Drawing and Stamping Oil

  • IC 2801-NH is a heavy-duty, non-chlorinated, sulfur-free, ash-less, and rust inhibited drawing and stamping lubricant that is engineered for metal-forming operations utilizing carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum and brass. It is formulated with a synthetic sulfur EP additive and a special inhibitor to prevent the staining of sensitive alloys. Residual films provide several months of rust protection during periods of indoor storage, and are easily removed with alkaline cleaners in aqueous parts-washing equipment.

Featured Non-Chlorinated Soluble Drawing and Stamping Oil

  • IC 921 is a heavy-duty, water-soluble oil lubricant that is engineered for severe metal-forming operations like drawing, stamping, roll-forming and end-stamping. It is compatible with carbide tooling, ferrous metals, aluminum and stainless steel. Its blend of extreme pressure (EP) additives, specially-selected oils, fatty materials and other components all combine to provide exceptional performance and outstanding emulsion stability. Residual films provide in-process rust protection and are readily removed in aqueous cleaning equipment.

Featured Non-Chlorinated "Semi-Synthetic" Straight Oils

The 3800 Series of Lubricants incorporate advanced "semi-synthetic" technology. Specifically, many of the conventional mineral oil components that would otherwise be contained within lubricants of this type are replaced with non-chlorinated, synthetic alternatives. 3800 Series lubricants operate and behave similarly to straight mineral oils in that they are not water-soluble, are utilized as they are received, and are applied via all conventional methods. 3800 Series lubricants are safe for use with solid carbide and carbide-coated tooling, and provide exceptional lubricity for everything from general-purpose to severe metal-deformation operations. Residual films are easily removed and provide several months of protection from rust and corrosion during periods of indoor storage. All are compatible with metals including carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

  • IC 3800 is the formula upon which the 3800 Series of Lubricants is based. It is a low- to moderate-viscosity (320 SUS) lubricant with a flash point of 250ºF that is engineered for all-purpose drawing, stamping, and metal-forming operations.
  • IC 3801 is a moderate- to high-viscosity (1,070 SUS) lubricant that is engineered for heavy-duty drawing, stamping, and metal-forming applications. Its elevated flash point (290ºF) provides additional safety for those operations that generate more heat.
  • IC 3813 is a highly viscous (2,100 SUS) lubricant that is engineered for severe and extreme drawing, stamping and metal-forming operations. It is formulated specifically with a high flash point (480ºF) to ensure safe operation when utilized in applications that generate high temperatures. It is an extreme-duty lubricant for total chlorine replacement.

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IC 2801-NH
Non-Chlorinated Straight Oil Lubricant

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