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Drawing & Stamping Lubricants

848 Series of Lubricants
  • Odorless
  • Colorless
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Gumming
  • Minimal, Residual Film
  • Excellent Lubricity Properties
  • Effective Anti-Wear Additives
  • Ideal for Pre-Painted Materials
  • Residual Films are Easily Removed

Vanishing Oils and Evaporative Lubricants

International Chemical Company manufactures an effective and economical line of versatile vanishing oils and evaporative lubricants engineered for light- to medium-duty drawing, stamping, blanking, and roll-forming operations.

Featured Vanishing Oils and Evaporative Lubricants

The IC 848 Series of Lubricants is formulated with premium, low-viscosity solvents facilitating even lubrication and wetting across work pieces. They are most commonly used as light- to medium-duty drawing lubricants and high-speed stamping oils. In most cases, the residual solvent carrier evaporates quickly, leaving behind a thin, imperceptible film, providing excellent in-process rust protection. These highly versatile metal-forming lubricants offer a myriad of benefits including effective anti-wear properties and superior high film strength lubricity.

  • IC 848 evaporates quickly and completely, leaving no oily residue—preventing interference with subsequent operations like applications of adhesives, paints, joint compounds, phosphates and blackening agents. It is compatible with all metals and engineered for light-duty metalworking operations.
  • IC 848-B-Improved is formulated to be the most all-purpose evaporative lubricant of the series. It is a low-viscosity vanishing oil that is engineered for moderate-duty drawing, stamping and metal-forming operations utilizing all metals. Following evaporation – as with all 848 Series lubricants – the residual film is imperceptible, non-staining, provides in-process corrosion protection, and is easily removed via aqueous parts-washing or solvent degreasing.
  • IC 848-A is formulated with higher levels of several lubricity and non-volatile anti-wear additives to provide increased lubrication for both the tooling and the work piece. IC 848-A is an ideal medium-duty blanking and stamping lubricant for operations utilizing painted aluminum stock. It also has an elevated flash point, promoting a much safer work environment.
  • IC 848-F2 is a non-chlorinated, highly refined, low-viscosity drawing, stamping and roll-forming lubricant engineered to provide exceptional performance on light gauge carbon steel, copper alloys and aluminum. It is engineered with an advanced additive package that promotes excellent die and tool life while preventing galling and scoring on formed metal components. IC 848-F2 is odorless, non-staining and an excellent lubricant for use on pre-painted metals. Residual films provide in-process corrosion protection and are readily removed in aqueous cleaning equipment.
  • IC 848-L is a metalworking lubricant engineered for use in medium-duty metal-forming operations and in specific high speed stamping operations. It is recommended for use with most metals: aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, alloys of nickel and tin-plated steel. The robust additive package promotes superior high film strength lubricity and provides in-process rust protection for both the tooling and work piece.

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IC 848-F2
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