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Rust & Corrosion Protection

Synthetic Formulations
  • Water-Based and Water-Soluble Rust Preventatives
  • Barium-Free Formulations
  • Dry-to-the-Touch Films
  • Excellent Medium-Term and In-Process Rust Protection
Straight and Soluble Oils
  • In-Process to Long-Term Corrosion Protection
  • Highly Effective and Efficient Corrosion-Resistant Coatings
  • Highly Advanced Additive Packages and Components
Evaporative Solvents
  • "Vanishing Oil" Formulations
  • Highly Refined Safety Solvents
  • Rust and Corrosion Prevention for In-Process Rust Protection to Long-Term Storage

Rust Inhibitors and Corrosion and Oxidation Protection

An expertly developed rust preventative that provides reliable and consistent corrosion resistance—formulated by a specialty chemical company with unparalleled expertise in this arena—is the only way to guarantee the best performance of any metalworking or metal-forming operation where oxidation protection is paramount. Demands for higher manufacturing output in ever-narrowing timeframes continue to amplify within every sector of industry. Matching these demands is the need for superior rust inhibitors and corrosion resistant coatings which are formulated specifically to meet these many challenges head-on. Since 1906, ICC has been researching, developing and perfecting rust inhibitors and corrosion prevention coatings that exceed the evolving requirements of manufacturers. Together, we will evaluate your operations, discuss options, find the ideal solutions and provide the best rust inhibitors and customer service in the industry.

Selecting a rust preventative for effective corrosion and oxidation protection in today's competitive manufacturing marketplace requires a comprehensive evaluation of your production goals and physical operations, including a discussion of how and why they may change in the future. It is absolutely critical to select the right rust inhibitors for corrosion and oxidation protection. At ICC, our experienced and skilled chemists will work closely with you to establish which rust preventatives will perform best in your operations. After in-depth operational analyses are performed and reviewed, we will recommend rust inhibitors and corrosion prevention coatings that ensure your work is protected and rust-free...for as long as you need it to be.

Synthetic Formulations: Formulations that contain no mineral oil or petroleum byproducts are rapidly gaining in popularity among manufacturers of all sorts. In many ways, synthetic rust inhibitors offer significant benefits not available in their straight and soluble oil counterparts. At ICC, we engineer our synthetic, water-based and water-soluble rust preventatives with components that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, clean and low-foaming, highly stable, economical and environmentally responsible. Every synthetic rust inhibitor offers corrosion protection with a dry-to-the-touch film, keeping parts, packaging and workspaces cleaner. Over the past thirty years we have invested time and effort in painstaking research and development of high-performance synthetic rust inhibitors for corrosion and oxidation prevention. Due to the studious and ongoing efforts of our technical staff, and under the guidance of our family leadership, ICC's valued customers receive the most advanced water-based synthetic rust inhibitors.

Straight and Soluble Oils: For corrosion and oxidation protection of parts placed in long-term storage and those destined for transcontinental or long-haul shipping, straight and soluble oils remain the most viable corrosion-resistant coatings. Straight and soluble oils are eminently capable of performing in a wide variety of environmental conditions. ICC places a strong emphasis on incorporating advanced technology in our straight and soluble oil rust inhibitors and preventatives. By utilizing specialized bio-resistant components, highly advanced additive technology and unique emulsion packages, our straight and soluble oil corrosion inhibitors are stronger, cleaner, longer lasting and more efficient than any similar rust preventatives available today.

Evaporative Solvents: For operations requiring a rust inhibitor that "vanishes," so to speak, ICC's evaporative solvent corrosion preventatives are the answer. They are formulated with low-viscosity, highly refined safety solvents and potent additives, resulting in rust preventatives that perform extraordinarily well in a variety of operations requiring corrosion and oxidation protection. Whether your operational requirements include in-process rust protection, medium-term to long-term indoor storage, or even transcontinental shipping requiring extreme salt spray performance, our evaporative solvent-based rust preventatives are sure to exceed your performance requirements.

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