International Chemical Company

Specialty and Custom Manufacturer’s Chemicals

Since our founding in 1906, four generations of family leadership have shepherded International Chemical Company (ICC) through two World Wars, the Great Depression, a decades-long Cold War, the outsourcing boom and countless economic recessions. Throughout everything, ICC has continued—and continues to this day—to evolve and march relentlessly toward the future. Yes, our advanced chemistry and metalworking fluids have led the way (we manufacture synthetic, straight and soluble oils and coolants for drawing and stamping as well as machining and grindingvibratory fluids and burnishing compounds; alkaline and acidic industrial spray cleanersimmersion cleaners and ultrasonic cleaning solutions; and rust inhibitors and preventatives). But what ICC has proven over the decades is that no other formulator of specialty and custom manufacturer’s chemicals can compete with the relentless commitment and dedication we provide to our customers. Simply put, our success is ultimately predicated on your success...and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Mission: At ICC, our mission is simple. Every day, we strive for unequivocal excellence within every aspect of our operations: painstaking research and development, procurement of the finest raw materials, safe and efficient manufacturing practices, meticulous quality control, and finally, the prompt delivery and successful implementation of our high quality specialty and custom manufacturer’s chemicals. By introducing cutting-edge technology, including drawing and stamping oils and lubricantsmachining and grinding coolantsvibratory and burnishing compoundsspray and immersion cleaners as well as rust inhibitors and preventatives, we hope to improve the quality and economy of our customers’ manufacturing operations.

Our Customers: For more than 100 years, ICC has fostered longstanding and productive relationships with our customers in every segment of manufacturing all across the world. We believe that the only way to advance our operations is to understand yours. Communication and true partnerships set us apart from the competition. Because we’re not a publicly owned company, we don’t answer to shareholders, a board of directors or Wall Street. ICC’s customers always come first, not profits or quarterly earnings statements. Your goals become ours. Why would you settle for anything less?

Our Chemistry: ICC has nearly every base covered—from stock to finished product—whether your operations require straight oils, soluble oils or synthetic lubricants for drawing, forming and high speed stamping; cutting oils and synthetic coolants for machining and grinding; vibratory and burnishing compounds; industrial metal coatings and conversion coatings; biocides, fungicides and industrial defoamers; alkaline cleaners, spray cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, immersion cleaners and industrial cleaners; rust inhibitors and corrosion protection. Every formulation may be custom-tailored to meet the specific requirements of any operation. If needed, we will partner with you to custom-engineer a fluid meeting and exceeding your expectations. By procuring the finest raw materials and employing manufacturing techniques that have stood the test of time, we are extremely proud to offer the absolute best chemistry at the best price, bar none.

Our Promise: With over 100 years of accumulated experience and wisdom under our collective belt, we absolutely pledge to work tirelessly in service of two primary goals: the successful integration of our chemistry into your operations and the relentless pursuit of superior customer service in all that we do. For over a century, ICC has led the way on both fronts. Our products helped lubricate the machinery of the Second Industrial Revolution; they assisted in the manufacture of machinery that triumphed in World War II; and much more recently, they have traveled beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Through all of this, ICC has thrived as a family-owned and -operated specialty chemical manufacturer, forever proud of its legacy of premium products and service. In the end, ICC answers only to our customers. It has always been so; and it will remain so for generations to come.

Metalworking Chemistry for All Operations