International Chemical Company

Machining & Grinding Coolants

IC 2825-C
  • Extreme-Duty Chlorinated Straight Oil
  • Formulated for Precision Operations
  • Provides Fine Surface Finishes
  • High Anti-Weld Properties
  • Low Viscosity Formulation
  • Non-Staining to Sensitive Alloys
IC 2865
  • Heavy-Duty Non-Chlorinated Straight Oil
  • Ideal All-Metal Coolant; Multiple Applications
  • Dual-Purpose Coolant and Gearbox Lubricant
  • Excellent Lubricity and EP Performance
  • Ideal for Use in Swiss Screw Machines
  • Reduced Waste Treatment and Disposal Costs
IC 2828
  • Extreme-Duty Non-Chlorinated Straight Oil
  • Chlorine Replacement for Severe Gun Drilling
  • Provides Fine Finishes in Precision Operations
  • Non-Staining to Sensitive Metals
  • Ideal for Stainless Steel and Hard Alloys
  • Low-Viscosity; Removes Heat from Work Area

Straight and Soluble Oils

Straight and Soluble Oils: International Chemical Company manufactures tried-and-true straight and soluble oil coolants that are formulated for all moderate- to extreme-duty machining and grinding operations. When working with difficult metals in difficult applications, ICC's straight and soluble oil coolants are sure to meet and exceed the most demanding requirements of today's manufacturer's chemicals. All are formulated using only premium and highly refined Group II base oils, effective bio-resistant components and select extreme pressure (EP) additives to promote maximum tool life and provide for fine finishes.

Featured Straight Oil Machining and Grinding Coolants

Chlorinated Straight Oil Machining and Grinding Coolant
  • IC 2825-C is a light-colored, non-staining, low-viscosity and extreme pressure metalworking fluid that is engineered for severe machining and grinding operations which utilize steel, nickel alloys, titanium and magnesium. It is highly recommended for use as a turning, drilling, milling, sawing, tapping and grinding coolant in difficult metalworking applications. A balanced combination of select additives provides superior high film strength lubricity and effective anti-weld properties.
Non-Chlorinated Straight Oil Machining and Grinding Coolants
  • IC 2865 is a non-chlorinated heavy-duty machining compound engineered for use on carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum. It is an ideal multi-metal coolant for high production, multiple spindle, automatic chucking or bar machines, automatic turret lathes and CNC machines performing rough, finish and form turning, facing, boring, drilling, chamfering, milling, reaming, thread cutting, thread rolling and cut-off. IC 2865 provides excellent lubricity, as well as extreme pressure and anti-weld properties without depending on chlorine-based chemistry. An advanced, synergistic combination of synthetic, friction-reducing polymers and other synthetic additives results in high performance, extended tool life, cooler parts, burr-free edges and lower power consumption. It is highly recommended as a gearbox lubricant, optimizing performance by eliminating contamination of the cutting oil with leaked gearbox oil.
  • IC 2828 is a non-chlorinated, high-performance and extreme pressure, low-viscosity mineral oil-based metalworking coolant that is engineered for severe and extreme machining and grinding operations utilizing metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, and magnesium. It is ideal for use in turning, drilling, milling, sawing, tapping, surface grinding and other difficult operations. A balanced combination of advanced additives provides outstanding lubricity and effective anti-weld performance for all types of severe operations.

Featured Soluble Oil Machining and Grinding Coolant

  • IC 131-A is a non-chlorinated, non-staining, water-soluble machining and grinding coolant engineered for use with aluminum, various grades of stainless steel, titanium and plastics. It is formulated specifically to meet and exceed the performance requirements of aerospace manufacturers. IC 131-A is extremely detergent—helping to maintain clean, free-cutting wheels and prevent gummy build-up.

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IC 2865
Heavy-Duty Straight Oil Metalworking Coolant

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