Metalworking, Machining and Grinding

Product Highlight:  IC 2865

Product Type:  Heavy-Duty Straight Oil Machining Coolant and Gearbox Lubricant

Customer: Multiple Manufacturers Utilizing High Production, Multiple Spindle, Automatic Chucking or Bar Machines, Automatic Turret Lathes and CNC Machines Performing Extreme Metalworking Operations

Objective: Replace a Machine Coolant and Gearbox Oil with a Single High Performance Product

Description: It is typical for the machinery noted above to leak gearbox oil through failing or hardened seals. This oil will tarnish the finish of sensitive alloys such as copper, brass, bronze and aluminum. In many instances, a machine coolant is implemented due to its performance capabilities and a straight oil lubricant is selected for use in the gearbox based solely on its low cost and limited requirements. Oftentimes, the compatibility of these lubricants is overlooked, and problems arise when the gearbox seals leak and contaminate the machine coolant. This contamination may cause a degradation of the coolant’s performance capabilities and result in diminished tool life and inconsistent cut rates and finish quality, in addition to staining and discoloration of the aforementioned sensitive metals.

Based on the requests of multiple customers, the ICC Technical Department went to work solving this vexing and common problem. The result of these efforts was IC 2865. This chlorine-free, multi-use straight oil lubricant is a synergistic combination of synthetic, friction-reducing polymer technology, effective corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure additives and highly refined base oils.

Conclusion: IC 2865 provides high levels of performance in the most extreme manufacturing conditions, resulting in extended tool life, cooler parts, burr-free edges and lower power consumption. Because this machining coolant may also be used as a straight oil gearbox lubricant, compatibility issues are eliminated, thereby dramatically increasing sump life and reducing overall oil consumption by 20% or more, depending on the application. IC 2865 is a low-viscosity formulation that diminishes drag-out on parts, further reducing oil consumption and chemical costs.

IC 2865 replaces chlorinated oils due to its high levels of performance. The attendant benefits of replacing chlorinated oils include greater ease of use, the environmentally friendly nature of non-chlorinated oils, improved removal (utilizing moderately-alkaline cleaning solutions), and the ability to meet strict international regulations for those manufacturers who ship their products to international markets.