International Chemical Company

Spray & Immersion Cleaners

  • Quick Evaporation
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Safe for Use on All Metals
  • Low-Foaming
  • Will Not Adversely Affect Glass or Plastic Surfaces
  • Economical and Easy to Use
Types of Operations
  • Dip Tanks
  • Soak Tanks
  • Immersion Equipment
  • Power Spray Equipment
  • Manual Wiping

Solvent Cleaners

International Chemical Company is extremely proud of our well-earned legacy of producing powerful, economical and efficient industrial cleaners and cleaning products. ICC was founded in 1906. At the beginning, ICC's line of manufacturer's chemicals was focused almost exclusively on metal cleaners and their derivatives. Now, over 100 years—and four generations of family—later, we remain at the vanguard of industrial cleaners and cleaning products. ICC's degreasing solvent cleaners are formulated to remove greasy and oily soils, metalworking fluids and coolants, straight and soluble oil metal-forming lubricants and tramp oils. ICC's industrial cleaning solvents are formulated specifically for today's demanding precision metal cleaning operations requiring high-quality surface finishes and cleanliness.

Featured Solvent Cleaners

  • IC 3473 is a colorless, lime-scented, non-VOC and non-HAP solvent cleaner, degreaser and lacquer thinner that is engineered for use in manual contact-cleaning operations. It is compatible with all metal surfaces, as well as plastics, composites and sensitive polymers. It is a high-purity cleaner that is formulated to both evaporate quickly and easily remove build-up of soils such as dust, dirt, light oils and grease. Following treatment, it does not leave a residue on cleaned surfaces.
  • IC 528-B is a robust blend of refined aliphatic solvents formulated for removing oils and greasy soils from metal surfaces. It is engineered to be used as a solvent degreasing cleaning compound, effectively removing a variety of in-process soils, coolants and metal-forming lubricants. IC 528-B is a powerful industrial cleaning solvent formulated to be compatible with all metals and will not adversely affect glass or plastic surfaces. The solvent carrier evaporates quickly, and this formulation may be used in dip and soak tank or manual wiping operations.
  • IC 528-NP also referred to as a "Stoddard Solvent," is a blend of hydrocarbons and highly refined aliphatic solvents engineered to remove oils and greasy soils from metal surfaces. It is popular with the United States Military and is approved for such use (Military Specification Number: MIL-PRF-680, Type 1). IC 528-NP is engineered to be implemented as an industrial cleaning solvent and is compatible with all metals. It is formulated to evaporate quickly from treated surfaces and is effective at removing a wide variety of in-process soils. IC 528-NP is non-staining, non-corrosive and will not adversely affect glass or plastic surfaces.
  • IC 571-B is an odorless blend of highly refined petroleum components engineered to be used as an industrial cleaning solvent for the removal of oil- and grease-based soils from metal surfaces. It is engineered to be compatible with immersion and low-pressure spray equipment. IC 571-B exhibits excellent solvency and may also be manually wiped on metal surfaces. This industrial cleaning solvent is compatible with and will not discolor carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass or zinc. It will not adversely affect painted surfaces, plastics or cured adhesives.

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