International Chemical Company

Batch Sampling

In accordance with a stringent quality control protocol, all batches of ICC's drawing and stamping oils and lubricants, machining and grinding coolants, vibratory and burnishing fluids, spray and immersion cleaners and rust inhibitors are tested to guarantee that off specification products are never shipped to our customers. The batch sampling process is exacting and closely monitored. In addition to finished products, samples are pulled from batches of raw materials received at our facilities—and cross-referenced with retained certificates of analysis—to maintain high levels of quality.

ICC's manufacturing processes have been honed and improved over the more than 100 years of continuous, family-owned operation. Periodic reviews of all processes—manufacturing, quality control, batch sampling and testing—are performed to certify that all aspects of our operations are functioning at optimal levels. Our reputation for providing only the highest quality manufacturer's chemicals begins with ongoing analyses of all raw materials and finished products. The protocol for batch sampling is also very demanding. Without it, we cannot guarantee that the correct processes were followed to the letter during manufacturing—and that just won't do.

All factory formula sheets (the actual batch production information sheets) are retained for a minimum of twelve years. In addition, a sample from every batch is retained in our laboratory for a minimum of six months. If requested by a customer, we are happy to retain samples for as long as the shelf life of a particular product will allow.

The aforementioned factory formula (manufacturing) sheets, along with corresponding and labeled batch samples, are presented to the technical staff. All information relating to the manufactured batch (product designation, batch number, batch weight and date of manufacture) is entered in the daily QC Log maintained by the Technical Director. Quality control tests stipulated for each formulation are performed according to the outlined testing procedures. The results of every quality control test are then entered in the QC Log, along with any necessary batch adjustments.

In addition to recording the empirical test results, the following information is also noted and retained: the date and time at which the sample was received from the factory, the appearance of the sample, any corrective actions, the time at which the analysis was completed, the analyst's initials, any additional comments and, if applicable, a notation that the certificate of analysis has been completed.

Rare though it may be, if any batch is determined to be nonconforming with respect to our strict quality standards, it is immediately labeled as such and quarantined. Under the supervision of ICC's Technical Director, an investigation is performed in order to determine the nature of the anomaly. Once determined, a plan is put in place stipulating any and all corrective actions that must be taken relative to blending ratios or other procedures in an effort to convert nonconforming finished products into high quality, marketable formulations.

The quality control procedures outlined for batch sampling ensure that no ICC manufacturer's chemicals ever leave our facilities without meeting strict parameters for quality and consistency. No matter what metalworking fluids or compounds you need for your operations, whether straight or soluble drawing and stamping oils and lubricants, coolants for machining and grinding, vibratory and burnishing compounds and fluids, industrial spray and immersion cleaners, rust inhibitors, or industrial defoamers and additives, you can be sure to expect exceptional performance time and again. Our reputation depends on it.