Vibratory and Burnishing Compounds

Product Highlight:  BC L-85

Product Type:  Acidic Liquid Mass Finishing Compound for Use with Sensitive Metals

Customer: Manufacturer of Stamped Copper Components for a Myriad of Industries

Objective: Replace a Problematic Cleaner with an All-In-One Vibratory Compound

Description: The customer manufactures stamped copper components for various industries, including technology, automotive and aerospace. The stamped parts are cleaned and deburred in a vibratory bowl. The product they were using was not cleaning the components effectively and was leaving a residual film on processed parts that was tarnishing the copper and impacting the post-plating process.

ICC representatives discussed these issues with the customer who requested that an all-in-one product be submitted for testing that would achieve all of the following performance requirements: efficiently clean the parts at a relatively low solution concentration, while at the same time removing burrs and providing effective corrosion protection without deleteriously affecting the post-plating process. In addition, ICC would need to make sure that the compound would in no way adversely affect the coloration of the surface finish (i.e., tarnish and staining).

BC L-85 was the formulation for the job. It is specifically inhibited to prevent the discoloration of sensitive metals, is mildly acidic for removing soils and light scale, and is formulated with corrosion inhibitors that are mild but effective. A sample volume was sent to the customer for on-site testing, and following a short-run test, the customer reported outstanding results.

Conclusion: The customer determined the ideal solution concentration to be 1.5% by volume, which is slightly lower than what had been originally recommended for the first test, but not surprising considering the inherent capabilities of BC L-85 and the relatively light soils to be removed by the formulation’s efficient detergent package. In addition, BC L-85 is required to perform all of these tasks while diluted in solution with comparatively hard municipal water that is utilized at ambient temperatures in order to minimize utility costs.

What the customer was so particularly excited about was the dramatic improvement in the brightness and luster of the copper components following the vibratory process. At a moderate average cycle time of just thirty (30) minutes, the customer is able to clean, deburr and brighten the parts without a post-rinse. Perhaps most importantly, the residual film is providing the required duration of corrosion protection without tarnishing the attained surface finish or adversely impacting the post-plating operation in any way.