Vibratory and Burnishing Compounds

Product Highlight:  BC L-72-SA

Product Type:  Alkaline Liquid Mass Finishing Compound with Corrosion Inhibitors

Customer: Manufacturer of Carbon Steel Motorcycle Components

Objective: Replace a Vibratory Compound and Rust Preventative with an All-In-One Product

Description: The customer manufactures carbon steel motorcycle components in Pennsylvania and ships them to Texas for assembly. The operation involved processing the components in a mildly alkaline vibratory compound to both clean the manufactured parts and remove burrs. This operation was followed by a stand-alone application of a mineral oil-based rust preventative that imparted a mildly oily film on the surface to provide corrosion protection for the over-the-road journey from the Northeastern United States to the Deep South.

ICC representatives performed a survey of their operations and were instructed by the customer to determine if the job could be done by one product. This request was submitted to the ICC Technical Department which went to work finding the ideal solution. Unfortunately, many ICC formulations came close, but none were the perfect match for the customer’s very specific requirements. Therefore, a vibratory compound was custom formulated with a synthetic rust inhibitor package and high levels of detergency (to remove a mineral oil-based stamping lubricant) in order to clean and deburr the carbon steel components while imparting a thin and non-oily rust preventative film that would provide the much needed corrosion protection. After a relatively short period of research and development, BC L-72-SA was born.

Following in-house laboratory testing to verify performance, a sample volume was sent to the customer for on-site testing and the shipping of sample parts to Texas. The customer was very pleased with the results.

Conclusion: The residual rust preventative film applied via the vibratory process was so successful, in fact, that the customer has reported zero returns due to rust since the switch to BC L-72-SA. At a modest 3% solution concentration by volume, the customer is able to effectively clean, deburr and protect their carbon steel motorcycle components from the effects of oxidation, thereby avoiding the most vile four letter word in all of metal manufacturing...RUST.

BC L-72-SA was custom formulated based on our customer’s very specific operational requirements and that is not a rare occurrence. Our Technical Department combined powerful alkaline detergents, a synthetic rust inhibitor package (eliminating mineral oils, as requested by our customer), and water-soluble lubricants (ideal for vibratory operations). BC L-72-SA is formulated without the use of silicone, heavy metals, sodium nitrite, phosphate or phenols, making it both operator-friendly and environmentally responsible.