Rust Inhibitors and Corrosion Protection

Product Highlight:  Anti-Rust 154

Product Type:  Barium-Free, Thin-Film Straight Oil Rust Preventative

Customer: Manufacturer of Steel Ball Bearings for the Aerospace and Aeronautics Industries

Objective: Replace a Rust Preventative that Gelled when Presented with Wet Components

Description: The customer manufactures precision ball bearings for use by aircraft manufacturers and NASA subcontractors. They were utilizing a mineral oil-based rust preventative that was engineered to be water-displacing under certain operational conditions. However, when extremely wet parts were introduced to the baths containing the rust preventative, gelled solids would appear, which were deposited on the surface of the bearings. This undesirable process occurred very quickly, necessitating frequent change-outs of the rust preventative baths, causing objectionable cost overruns. The extremely high standards required by the customer’s engineers due to the precise nature of the ball bearings used in the aerospace and aeronautics industries do not permit even a hint of solids deposited on the surface of their components.

ICC representatives consulted with the customer and performed a comprehensive survey of their operations. Based on the very specific requirements as stipulated by the customer, the ICC Technical Department custom developed Anti-Rust 154, a very low-odor, VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compound), water displacing rust preventative based on a safety solvent with an elevated flashpoint and highly refined Group II paraffinic oils (commonly used in premium motor oils), setting ourselves apart from the competition. A small sample volume was sent to the customer for on-site trials.

Conclusion: Following a short trial (extensive trialing is not necessary with this type of operation, as the results are observed in a relatively short period of time), the customer achieved high levels of performance and immediately switched to Anti-Rust 154.

This custom formulation is specially inhibited to prevent the formation of solids and very quickly displaces the water on the extremely wet parts as they are introduced to the baths following the wash process, thereby significantly extending the life of the baths, reducing change-out intervals by 25%.

The observed corrosion protection was dramatically extended. In addition, the fingerprint-neutralizing and non-tacky rust preventative film does not cause compatibility issues with various subsequent operations and is well-matched for submersion in oils that lubricate the bearings following assembly.

Finally, AR 154 was less expensive than their former product. So, in concert with the other efficiencies provided by AR 154, dramatic cost savings were immediately realized.