Metal-Forming, Drawing and Stamping

Product Highlight:  IC 1540-P

Product Type:  Extremely Viscous, Water-Soluble, Heavy-Duty Paste Engineered for Metal-Forming

Customer: Manufacturer of Custom Tubular Components

Objective: Replace an Ineffective Metal-Forming Paste Causing Tooling Issues

Description: The customer, utilizing multiple metals including brass, copper, copper-nickel, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel and aluminum, was using a product that could not withstand the heat generated by parts requiring up to five bends performed in CNC machines. The outer diameter (OD) of components ranged from ¾" to 1 ¼". Their former product, in addition to other tested products as provided by alternate vendors, would break down prior to the completion of the parts and cause the temperatures of the work pieces to spike. The excess heat was also leading to the chrome stripping off the mandrels used in the bending process. The other products also proved very difficult to remove from the tooling between set-ups.

ICC consulted with the customer and determined that IC 1540-P would make an excellent alternative to the lubricants they had previously utilized and tested. Due to the severe nature of the process and the primary material in use where IC 1540-P would be utilized (stainless steel), it was recommended that the customer test IC 1540-P straight at first and dilute with water as necessary.

Conclusion: The test of IC 1540-P was ultimately successful and the customer was more than pleased with the results. The customer has continued to use the product straight—applied by hand by the individual operators—as the results are predictable and repeatable.

Formerly, their old lubricant was not able to make parts that required up to five bends, whereas IC 1540-P is imminently capable of doing that and more. The previously used lubricant also required tool rebuilds on a regular basis. IC 1540-P has dramatically reduced tooling maintenance and the attendant costs, including those associated with production slowdowns and stoppages. Due to the viscous nature of IC 1540-P—the paste sticks to the mandrels and doesn’t harden over time—the mandrels are much easier to clean using clear water (and mild alkaline detergents when and where necessary) and the time devoted to clean-up has also been significantly reduced.

For post-processing operations, specifically cleaning, the customer has chosen to simply soak the parts in clear water. As IC 1540-P is water-soluble, the paste readily solubilizes in water and is easily removed from the surface of manufactured components.