Spray, Immersion and Ultrasonic Cleaners

Product Highlight:  IC 2466-Improved

Product Type:  Concentrated, Highly Alkaline, Liquid Immersion Cleaner and Rust Remover

Customer: Remanufacturer of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines for Commercial and Military Use

Objective: Replace an Immersion and Spray Cleaner with a Single Formulation

Description: The customer receives diesel engines destined for remanufacture and had been performing an initial treatment with an alkaline spray cleaner that was used to remove light surface soils and road grime prior to disassembly. The previous chemistry used in this operation was ineffective and, in order to avoid a production slowdown or stoppage, the customer resorted to using the old immersion cleaner in the spray operation. This caused uncontrollable foaming issues and this operation was scrapped. The customer then decided to immerse the entire assembled engines in the old immersion cleaner. However, the high alkalinity of this product was causing other problems (e.g., irreparably damaging outboard components that needed to be scrapped). The cycle times for the old immersion cleaner were running as high as 60 minutes, slowing down production. The situation was turning into a catastrophe, so the customer contacted ICC for assistance.

ICC quickly surveyed the operations and recommended trials with IC 2466-Improved, a powerful cleaner that was originally formulated for use in both spray and immersion equipment. A large sample volume was shipped to the customer for immediate trials.

Conclusion: IC 2466-Improved was ultimately successful in every way. The sample was tested in the spray operation first, where the light soils and road grime were removed without damaging any of the outboard components. The powerful surfactant package of IC 2466-Improved quickly removed the soils in the spray washer with controlled levels of foam.

Following the test in the spray washer, the engines were completely disassembled and the blocks were again processed in IC 2466-Improved, this time in the large immersion washers. The washers were maintained at 180°F, and the solution concentration was 50% by volume (necessary to effectively remove the heavy carbon build-up and rust). Initially, the cycle time was 45 minutes, but due to the inherent design of the formulation, IC 2466-Improved also began to soften and remove the paint. Therefore, the cycle time was reduced by 15 minutes, optimizing the operational performance. The switch to IC 2466-Improved was immediately approved.

Following full implementation of IC 2466-Improved in both the spray and immersion applications, production levels increased dramatically, and the consolidation of chemistry significantly decreased manufacturing costs.