Spray, Immersion and Ultrasonic Cleaners

Product Highlight:  IC 2440-M

Product Type:  Non-Silicated, Low-Foaming, Power Spray Alkaline Liquid Cleaner

Customer: Manufacturer of Deep Drawn Cold-Rolled Steel Automotive Components

Objective: Replace an Ineffective and Expensive Alkaline Cleaner

Description: The customer manufacturers deep drawn, cold-rolled steel automotive components utilizing various press types. The parts were drawn in multi-stage operations with water-soluble oils at relatively high emulsion concentrations (>20% by volume). The old cleaner was maintained with an electronic device that automatically monitored and metered the product, which caused unnecessarily high rates of consumption. The old cleaner was also unable to sufficiently solubilize the drawing oils which resulted in inconsistent levels of cleanliness due to the oils and soils being re-deposited on the surfaces of the parts. Because the cleaner was unable to withstand the volumes of drawing oils being deposited in the baths, change-outs were performed on a weekly basis, slowing production and adding even more costs to the equation.

The customer contacted ICC and requested a survey of their operations to determine if a better alternative was available. Following a comprehensive analysis, IC 2440-M was recommended for trials. A sample volume was shipped for extensive on-site testing over the course of two weeks.

Conclusion: IC 2440-M provided more than satisfactory results. The initial sample ran for the entire two weeks, without requiring a change-out. IC 2440-M contains an alkaline detergency package that is more potent than that of the old cleaner, while exhibiting low-foaming properties (keeping the work areas cleaner). It effectively solubilizes the drawing oils, thereby preventing the re-deposit of oils and soils on the surfaces of processed components.

The operators were instructed on how to effectively maintain the baths via chemical titration, allowing the customer to accurately track usage and predict chemical consumption based on production. With these new procedures in place, along with the more potent capabilities of IC 2440-M, the bath life was doubled.

The effective rust inhibitor package also totally eliminated the occasional instances of flash rust that had been occurring with the old cleaner. The inherently stable solutions of IC 2440-M impart a thin, unobjectionable film on processed parts providing excellent in-process corrosion protection for un-rinsed components.

The new formula boasts many advantages over its predecessor. IC 2440-M is a much lower cost alternative (the per-gallon cost was reduced by 40%), works more efficiently, includes a more potent detergency package, is low-foaming, provides in-process rust protection and doubled the life of their first stage cleaner baths.