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Blue Line
  • Efficient, Economical Surfactants
  • Effective Rust Inhibitors
  • Powerful Antifoaming Agents
  • Clean Glazed Media
  • Remove Oily Soils & Smuts


  • Cast Iron
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Zinc

Types of Operations:

  • Cleaning
  • Brightening
  • Burnishing
  • Deburring
  • Degreasing
  • Descaling

Vibratory & Burnishing Compounds

Vibratory, Burnishing and Finishing Fluids and Compounds

International Chemical Company manufactures a comprehensive line of efficient, effective and economical vibratory and burnishing compounds and fluids for metal finishing and metalworking operations such as ball burnishing, brightening, deburring, degreasing, descaling and cleaning. ICC’s innovative mass finishing compounds are formulated with advanced-technology surfactants, stout alkaline builders, antifoaming agents, robust detergents and lubricity additives. They are engineered to improve surface finish, decrease processing time, significantly lower operating temperatures, decrease or eliminate foam, provide cleaning action and protect media and machinery.

Featured Vibratory, Burnishing and Finishing Fluids and Compounds:

Burnishing: Vibratory fluids formulated to assist in the sizing, shaping, hardening and surface finishing of pre-engineered, ferrous and non-ferrous metal components.

  • International Burnishing Compound L-65 is an economical, concentrated mass finishing compound engineered for use in most burnishing, deburring and cleaning operations performed in vibratory equipment. It is formulated specifically with inhibitors to prevent the staining of sensitive metals such as aluminum and zinc. BCL-65 is also extremely well-suited for use as a ball burnishing compound. It contains no inorganic phosphates, chromates or petroleum solvents, resulting in an environmentally responsible mass finishing vibratory compound.
  • Burnishing Compound L-72-S is a powerfully detergent, alkaline liquid mass finishing compound engineered for use with carbon steel and other ferrous metals. It is specially formulated with water-soluble lubricants and rust inhibitors. It is an ideal vibratory steel ball burnishing compound and general-purpose brightening fluid. It contains no silicone, mineral oils, heavy metals, sodium nitrite, phosphates or phenols. The powerful combination of surfactants and alkaline builders prevent media loading and glazing in this burnishing fluid, as well as build-up on machine liners. The residual film provides excellent in-process rust protection for un-rinsed parts.

Brightening: Vibratory polishing, surface finishing and brightening compounds formulated for use with pre-engineered, ferrous and non-ferrous metal components.

  • International Burnishing Compound L-38-MM is a phosphate-free, mildly acidic and economical detergent-lubricant engineered for use as a mass finishing compound for cleaning and brightening aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, bronze and nickel alloys in vibratory finishing equipment. It is formulated with powerful antifoaming agents and effective inhibitors to provide in-process corrosion and rust protection for processed parts, media and machinery. It is an excellent choice for use as a burnishing compound in steel ball burnishing.
  • International Burnishing Compound L-85 is an acidic mass finishing fluid engineered for use as a brightening, burnishing and deburring compound in vibratory equipment. It is formulated with specific inhibitors, thereby maximizing its performance and compatibility with sensitive metals such as copper and brass. BCL-85 is also an excellent descaling chemical, dissolving and removing light scale (in specific descaling applications), oxides and tarnish from surfaces without damaging the underlying metal.

Deburring, Degreasing & Descaling: Vibratory deburring, degreasing and descaling fluids and chemicals for use with ferrous and non-ferrous metal components.

  • International Compound 2458-XD is a highly concentrated combination of potent surfactants, alkaline builders, lubricants and corrosion inhibitors engineered to operate in vibratory equipment as a liquid cleaning and deburring compound for mass finishing operations. ICC 2458-XD is recommended for use with metals such as cast iron, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and brass. For laser cutting operations, ICC 2458-XD makes an ideal mass finishing compound for cleaning and removing burn marks and stains from surfaces of manufactured components.

Case Studies

International Burnishing Compound L-72-S
Clean, Deburr and Protect Ferrous

International Burnishing Compound L-38-MM
Clean and Brighten Aluminum

International Burnishing Compound L-85
Clean and Protect Sensitive Metals

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