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Blue Line


  • Mineral Oil / Solvent Blend
  • Barium-Free Rust Inhibitor
  • Non-Staining
  • Fingerprint-Suppressing
  • Compatible with Aluminum
  • Compatible with Engine Oil

ICC Anti-Rust 154:

  • Superior Indoor Protection
  • Barium-Free Rust Inhibitor
  • Elevated Flash Point
  • Low-Viscosity Safety Solvent
  • Low-Volatility
  • Rapidly Displaces Water

ICC Anti-Rust 95:

  • Soluble Oil Rust Inhibitor
  • Stable and Low-Foaming
  • Residual Film Is Self-Healing
  • Replaces Straight Oils


  • Soluble Oil Rust Inhibitor
  • For Salty Atmospheres
  • Exceeds 24 Hrs. ASTM B-117
  • Stable and Low-Foaming
  • Film Is Self-Healing
  • Advanced Technology



Straight & Soluble Oils

Rust Inhibitors and Corrosion and Oxidation Protection

International Chemical Company has been thoroughly researching, developing and expertly manufacturing advanced-technology straight and soluble oil rust inhibitors and preventatives for corrosion and oxidation protection since the earliest decades of the 20th century.  Our economical rust inhibitors and preventatives are engineered with bases of highly refined solvents and mineral oils working in conjunction with powerful advanced-technology additives and very effective corrosion inhibitors to form straight and soluble oil corrosion inhibitors that significantly outperform the competition.

Straight Oils:  For the corrosion and oxidation protection of components placed in long-term storage and those destined for transcontinental shipping, straight oil rust inhibitors and preventatives remain the industry standard. Straight oils are easy to use, provide consistent performance and are effective in many environmental conditions.  

Featured Straight Oil Rust Inhibitors:

  • International Anti-Rust 77-C is a safety solvent-based mineral oil blend that is combined with efficient organic corrosion inhibitors and water-displacing agents.  AR 77-C is a barium-free rust inhibitor which is recommended for the oxidation protection of bright or polished steel surfaces due to its non-staining properties.  It provides effective performance in acidic atmospheres and during brief periods of outdoor exposure.  The residual film—which may be readily removed by alkaline cleaning solutions or by solvent degreasing—suppresses fingerprint corrosion and the oxidation of aluminum.  AR 77-C is compatible with engine oil, making it an ideal choice for the oxidation and corrosion protection of manufactured internal automotive components.  This barium-free rust inhibitor will also provide effective corrosion protection during brief periods of outdoor exposure.
  • International Anti-Rust 154 is an innovative, water-displacing, barium-free, thin film rust inhibitor formulated to provide superior indoor corrosion and oxidation protection for durations in excess of two years.  The elevated flash point, highly refined safety solvent upon which AR 154 is based, is low in viscosity, exhibiting superior wetting and coverage characteristics.  It is an extremely protective rust inhibitor engineered to rapidly displace water from wet components and impart a fingerprint-suppressing, non-tacky, very light and oily residual film.  AR 154 is ideally suited for the corrosion and oxidation protection of complex and precision components manufactured for the aeronautics and aerospace industries.

Soluble Oils: ICC emphasizes the incorporation of the most advanced technology in our soluble oil rust inhibitors. By combining very effective bio-resistant components, advanced additive technology and unique emulsion packages, our soluble oil rust preventatives are better performing, cleaner, longer lasting and more efficient than any similar water-soluble rust preventatives available in the marketplace today.

Featured Soluble Oil Rust Inhibitors:

  • International Anti-Rust 95 is a water-soluble rust preventative engineered to surpass traditional soluble oil rust inhibitors due to the use of advanced additive technology. It is formulated with a combination of select emulsifiers, film-forming mineral oils and powerful corrosion inhibitors. AR 95 is highly recommended for use as an in-plant rust preventative for periods of up to one year. The residual film is effective and self-healing, providing effective corrosion and oxidation protection.
  • International Anti-Rust 96 is an extremely advanced water-soluble corrosion preventative that is engineered for high performance in particularly humid and salty environments. It is formulated with a select blend of powerful emulsifiers, refined film-forming mineral oils and sophisticated corrosion inhibitors. Due to its excellent salt spray and humidity cabinet performance, AR 96 may replace standard conversion coatings and solvent-based corrosion preventatives.

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International Anti-Rust 154
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