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ICC 2825-C:

  • Precision Straight Oil Machining Coolant
  • Provides Fine Finishes
  • High Anti-Weld Properties
  • Low-Viscosity; Removes Heat
  • Non-Staining to Steel, Nickel Alloys, Titanium & Magnesium

ICC 2862:

  • Heavy-Duty & Economical
  • Extends Wheel Life
  • Extends Belt Life
  • Bland, Inoffensive Odor
  • Provides Superior Lubricity
  • High Flash Point
  • Runs at Cool Temperatures
  • Effective Skin Conditioners

ICC 2865:

  • HD Multi-Metal Coolant
  • Cutting-Edge Technology  
  • Replaces Chlorinated Oils
  • Non-Staining to All Metals
  • Ideal for Screw Machines
  • Increases Tool & Bath Life
  • Effective Rust Prevention
  • Films Are Easily Removed

1600 Series of Soluble Oils:

  • Premium Base Oils
  • Advanced EP and Polar Lubricity Additives
  • Low-Foaming
  • Bio-Resistant Formulations
  • Hard Water Stable
  • Promotes Fine Finishes

ICC 131-A:

  • Non-Chlorinated, Non-Staining
  • High Degree of Detergency
  • Clean, Bio-Stable Emulsions
  • Excellent Surface Finishes

ICC 225-A:

  • High Lubricity; Fines Finishes
  • Extended Tool Life
  • Low-Foaming Emulsions
  • In-Process Rust Protection

Straight & Soluble Oils

Custom Machining & Grinding Coolants

Straight Oils: International Chemical Company manufactures tried-and-true straight oil coolants engineered for all moderate- to extreme-duty machining and grinding operations. When working with difficult metals in difficult applications, ICC’s straight oil coolants are sure to meet and exceed the most demanding capabilities required of today’s manufacturer’s chemicals.

Featured Straight Oil Machining and Grinding Coolants:

  • International Compound 2825-C is a light-colored, non-staining, low-viscosity, extreme pressure metalworking fluid engineered for severe machining and grinding operations utilizing steel, nickel alloys, titanium and magnesium. ICC 2825-C is highly recommended for use as a turning, drilling, milling, sawing, tapping and grinding coolant in difficult metalworking applications. A balanced combination of additives provides superior high film strength lubricity and effective anti-weld properties.
  • International Compound 2862 is an economical and extremely heavy-duty straight oil grinding coolant that is formulated with advanced synthetic additives. It is engineered to provide superior high film strength lubricity, reduced wear and anti-loading properties. The controlled viscosity permits penetration into all critical areas of the operation. Highly fortified and robust, ICC 2862 is specially designed to be compatible with a multitude of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys.
  • International Compound 2865 is a non-chlorinated heavy-duty machining compound engineered for use on carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum.  It is an ideal multi-metal coolant for high production, multiple spindle, automatic chucking or bar machines, automatic turret lathes and CNC machines performing rough, finish and form turning, facing, boring, drilling, chamfering, milling, reaming, thread cutting, thread rolling and cut-off.  ICC 2865 provides excellent lubricity, as well as extreme pressure and anti-weld properties without depending on chlorine-based chemistry.  An advanced, synergistic combination of synthetic, friction-reducing polymers and other synthetic additives results in high performance, extended tool life, cooler parts, burr-free edges and lower power consumption.  It is highly recommended as a gearbox lubricant, optimizing performance by eliminating contamination of the cutting oil with leaked gearbox oil. 

Soluble Oils: International Chemical Company manufactures a complete and highly versatile line of water-soluble oil coolants engineered for use in machining and grinding operations. They are formulated with premium base oils, unique emulsion packages, highly effective bio-resistant components and select extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide maximum tool life and promote fine finishes. ICC’s soluble oils form clean, robust and stable emulsions when mixed with hard and soft water.

Featured Soluble Oil Machining and Grinding Coolants:

The International 1600 Series of Soluble Oils: These highly versatile, water-soluble oil coolants are formulated with premium base oils—perfectly engineered for machining and grinding.

  • International Compound 1678 is a machining and grinding coolant that is formulated for long life, containing extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear additives, antifoaming agents and skin conditioners. It is a general purpose cutting oil and grinding coolant which is compatible with carbon steel, high speed steel, tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and brass. The residual emulsion remaining on tools and components provides in-process rust protection.
  • International Compound 1687 is the top-of-the-line water-soluble machining coolant in the 1600 Series of Soluble Oils. It is a low-foaming, phenol-free, very heavy-duty formulation engineered to be implemented as a water-soluble cutting fluid, tapping and drilling coolant, gear cutting oil, and broaching fluid as well as a centerless grinding and ID/OD grinding coolant formulated exclusively for severe to extreme machining and grinding operations. It is recommended for use with bronze, brass, copper, cast steel, high speed steel, carbon steel, tool steel, alloys steels and aluminum. ICC 1687 promotes fine finishes, provides extended tool and bath life, easily rejects tramp oils and has a high tolerance for hard water.
  • International Compound 1691 is an innovative, heavy-duty, very bio-stable, vegetable oil-based machining coolant engineered for use in severe operations utilizing carbon and stainless steel. It provides excellent in-process rust protection for ferrous metals and is non-staining to aluminum. ICC 1691 excels in modern CNC machining operations as a water-soluble coolant for operations like milling, turning, drilling, tapping, sawing and boring. The renewable resource core and ease of disposal make this an environmentally- and fiscally-responsible alternative.

International Compound 131-A is a non-chlorinated, non-staining, water-soluble machining and grinding coolant engineered for use with aluminum, various grades of stainless steel, titanium and plastics. It is formulated specifically to meet and exceed the performance requirements of aerospace manufacturers. ICC 131-A is extremely detergent—helping to maintain clean, free-cutting wheels and prevent gummy build-up.

International Compound 225-A is a very low-foaming, viscous and water-soluble machining coolant that is engineered for medium- to heavy-duty operations utilizing iron, steel and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum. ICC 225-A is formulated with a combination of fatty oils, extreme pressure (EP) additives, emulsifiers and inhibitors.

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International Compound 2865
Heavy-Duty Straight Oil Metalworking Coolant

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