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Blue Line
  • Free-Rinsing Formulations
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Industrial Floor Care
  • Use in Factory Floor Scrubbers
  • Soak Tank & Immersion Cleaning
  • General Purpose Formulations
  • Industrial Strength & Performance
  • Stainless Steel Passivation
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Eliminate Fungal Growth
  • Eliminate Biological Growth
  • Economical & Easy to Use

Formulated to Remove:

  • Metal-Forming Oils and Lubricants
  • Machining and Grinding Coolants
  • Vibratory and Burnishing Fluids
  • Sludge, Heavy Soils and Greases
  • Hydraulic, Gear and Tramp Oils
  • Heavy Wax and Varnish Build-Up
  • Heavy Rust and Surface Corrosion
  • Thick Carbon and Organic Coatings
  • Fungal and Biological Growth
  • Particulate Soils and Organics
  • Powder Coatings and Paints

Specialty Cleaners

Custom and Miscellaneous
Manufacturer’s Chemicals and Formulations

International Chemical Company is extremely proud of our legacy of producing powerful, economical and efficient alkaline cleaners. When ICC was founded in 1906, we focused almost exclusively on metal cleaners and their derivatives. Now, over 100 years and three generations of family later, we remain at the chemical forefront of specialty alkaline cleaners. What follows is a sampling of available cleaner technology.

Featured Industrial Floor Cleaners and Hard Surface Cleaners:

  • International Floor Cleaner Concentrate (FCC) is a concentrated, liquid blend of synthetic detergents, wetting agents and emulsifiers engineered for use as a factory floor scrubber cleaner. It is economical to use as an industrial concrete and floor cleaner and is safe for all surfaces. When used at relatively low solution concentrations (1%-3% by volume), FCC may be used as an all-purpose spray cleaner for machinery, tools and other light-duty cleaning applications.
  • International Multi-Purpose Detergent (MPD) is an industrial strength, biodegradable, economical, versatile, solvent-free, general purpose liquid cleaning compound engineered for use in maintenance operations involving light- to heavy-duty soil removal. It makes an excellent all-purpose hard surface cleaner. MPD is also formulated to be highly effective in both immersion and soak tank cleaning operations of ferrous metal components at ambient and elevated temperatures.
  • International Compound 587-D is a highly versatile combination of synthetic detergents, wetting agents and emulsifiers engineered for use as an all-purpose hard surface cleaner in industrial environments. It may also be implemented as an all-purpose spray cleaner for machinery, tools and other light-duty applications. The controlled foaming properties of select antifoaming agents make it an ideal choice for use in spray wand and high-temperature steam cleaning equipment.
  • International Compound 3454 is a versatile, biodegradable general purpose cleaning compound that is formulated for automated and manual maintenance and cleaning operations involving light-, medium- and heavy-duty soil removal.  It is glycol ether-free and is an excellent alternative to Simple Green®.  ICC 3454 is also engineered to be compatible with all soak-tank cleaning operations of ferrous and non-ferrous metal components.  It is an excellent detergent for operations utilizing all types of mechanized cleaning equipment.

Featured Industrial Machine Cleaners:

  • International Machine Cleaners 550 & 550-LF are extremely powerful alkaline liquid detergents formulated with strong emulsifying properties. Both versions are chemically engineered to remove stubborn residues of cutting oils, tapping fluids, machining and grinding coolants, metalworking fluids, straight and soluble metal-forming oils, sludge, tramp oils and greases from the coolant side of machine tools and from the internal components of all re-circulating systems. I.M.C. 550 contains fungicide additives at the maximum allowable treatment levels per EPA regulations. I.M.C. 550-LF is a low-foaming version and contains effective biocide additives at the maximum allowable treatment levels per EPA regulations. I.M.C. 550 and I.M.C. 550-LF are both very economical, safe for use on all metals, free-rinsing and easy-to-use industrial machine cleaners.

Featured Industrial Rust Removers and Paint Strippers:

  • International Compound 210 is a non-toxic and highly detergent industrial rust remover and metal cleaner concentrate comprised of a mixture of powerful acids. It is engineered for stainless steel passivation and the removal of oily soils and rust from steel and cast iron in ambient and elevated temperature immersion applications. It is inhibited to protect steel and cast iron from pitting and erosion.
  • International DR STRIPPER is a powerful, alkaline combination of specially selected penetrating, emulsifying and suspending agents formulated to remove carbon, grease and varnish build-up from aluminum, cast iron and carbon steel components. DR STRIPPER does not contain petroleum, solvents, heavy metals or other environmentally objectionable materials. It was chemically engineered to remove carbon build-up typically found on turbochargers from diesel engines.

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