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International Chemical Company

Setting the Standard for Specialty Chemical Manufacturers

International Chemical Company is a specialty chemical manufacturer, and a world leader in the development and manufacturing of the most advanced machining and grinding coolants, vibratory and burnishing compounds, and spray and immersion cleaners currently available. At the heart of modern industry and its heavy machinery, there are highly sophisticated formulations of modern chemicals that optimize the performance of this critical equipment. ICC provides these and many other types of specialized chemicals designed specifically to make machines run cooler, longer, and more efficiently.

Machining and grinding coolants are used to reduce friction, lubricate components, and keep systems running without accumulating undue heat in processing and operation. Synthetic and semi-synthetic formulations are available depending on the system requirements. Surfactants, lubricants, and proprietary additives are blended into non-toxic machining and grinding coolants that use no mineral oil yet allow for the settling of metal particulates for quick cleanup and removal.

Vibratory and burnishing compounds are used in association with mixing and/or vibration equipment to create different types of finishes for a wide variety of ferrous or non-ferrous metals. Burnishing compounds are unique detergents that can be used in burnishing deburring and brightening operations for carbon steel and other ferrous metals, and all without silicone, mineral oils, or heavy metals. Special chemical inhibitors are used to protect sensitive metals, like aluminum and zinc, from staining, and ICC’s compounds use no inorganic phosphates, phenols, or petroleum solvents, making for more environmentally friendly chemical processing.

Alkaline spray and immersion cleaners are used with high-powered cleaning tools or in concentrated solutions for descaling, degreasing, and other industrial cleaning processes. Designed for versatility ICC has engineered these cleaners to deliver maximum results with minimum environmental impact. Our advanced alkaline spray and immersion cleaners represent over 100 years of extensive testing, research, and development.

Since 1906, ICC’s dedication to the highest standards for modern industry continues to provide the best quality chemicals and leads the way for new developments. If you need a specialty chemical manufacturer, turn to ICC for superior products backed up with experience and 21st century expertise.


International Chemical Company
The Manufacturer’s Choice . . . Since 1906

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