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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: International Compound 2801-NH

PRODUCT TYPE: High-Performance, Non-Chlorinated Straight Oil Metal-Forming Lubricant for Heavy-Duty to Severe Drawing and Stamping Operations

CUSTOMER: Custom and Precision All-Metal Stamping Operation

OBJECTIVE: Replace a Chlorinated Oil with a Non-Chlorinated, Non-Staining Alternative

DESCRIPTION: The customer was using a chlorinated straight oil lubricant for all metal-forming operations within the facility. Despite high performance capabilities, the chlorinated components were causing intermittent and inconsistent staining and discoloration of the formed components. In addition, die life was suffering and becoming an intolerable expense to incur. One of the highest costs was the upkeep and maintenance of the vapor (solvent) degreasing operation. Accumulations of liquid chlorine were acidifying the bath, causing frequent change-outs.

ICC was asked to research a potential alternative: a non-chlorinated mineral oil-based lubricant with sufficient EP performance and high film strength lubricity, combined with effective inhibitors to prevent discoloration. A current, non-chlorinated ICC lubricant was used as a base for customization. Modified versions were trialed at the ICC lab and at independent labs. One particular candidate, ICC 2801-NH (which incorporates a synthetic sulfurized additive for EP performance and a sophisticated inhibitor for sensitive metals), was provided for evaluations.

CONCLUSION: The initial tests were deemed to be a success. Following the implementation of ICC 2801-NH, the discoloration of manufactured components disappeared altogether, die life remained consistent with that which was provided by the previous lubricant (no degradation due to the lack of chlorinated paraffins), the problems with their vapor degreaser were no more, and in fact, ICC 2801-NH is even less expensive than the lubricant formerly in use at the customer’s location.

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