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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: International Compound 550-LF

PRODUCT TYPE: Extremely Low-Foaming, Highly Alkaline Machine Cleaner
and Biocide

CUSTOMER: Manufacturer of Cast Aluminum Components for the
Automotive Industry

OBJECTIVE: Destroy Microbiological Growth Occurring in CNC Machines,

DESCRIPTION: The customer manufactures cast aluminum components for the automotive industry. The cast parts are processed in a vibratory operation and stored indoors prior to additional operations, including CNC machining. The customer was using a soluble oil machining and grinding coolant primarily for tapping, boring and surface grinding. This soluble oil was not sufficiently inhibited against biological growth, and to avoid cost overruns, the coolant was allowed to sit in the sumps while the situation continued to deteriorate over time, resulting in cases of dermatitis and emanating harsh odors throughout the manufacturing spaces.

ICC was consulted on ways in which the biological growth could be eradicated and prevented from returning. Following a brief survey of their operations, it was determined that a meticulous cleaning of all machines was in order. International Compound 550-LF was the best candidate for the job. It contains biocide additives at the maximum allowable treatment rate per EPA regulations, ensuring the biological contamination would be completely and irrevocably destroyed. The customer agreed and the expunging was begun.

CONCLUSION: The customer received a volume of International Compound 550-LF sufficient to clean all the affected CNC machines. The first step was to drain and rinse the entirety of the recirculating systems and associated sumps. Chips and other solids that remained were manually removed from the sump, catch pan, return troughs, coolant supply lines, filters and other accessible areas of the machines. Once complete, the machines were pressure washed with clear water to remove whatever coolant and solids that remained.

The sumps were filled with fresh water and approximately 1.5 gallons of ICC 550-LF for every 100 gallons of water. The machines were allowed to circulate for at least four hours to loosen accumulated sludge, emulsify oils and remove biofilms from all surfaces. The sumps and recirculating systems were subsequently drained and thoroughly flushed with fresh water.

Finally, the sumps were filled once again with fresh water to approximately 90% of normal working capacity. The pumps were started to begin circulation and the required amount of metalworking coolant was added to the sump and allowed to circulate for twenty minutes to ensure sufficient mixing prior to resuming work.

The biological growth was successfully exterminated, and working in concert with International Compound 225-A, a newly implemented water-soluble mineral oil-based machining coolant formulated with an effective biocide package, the biological menace has not returned.

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